Cosmic Candy: Full Moon Horoscopes, January 13th – 19th

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week! Aries & Aries Rising Questions about relationship, family and career continue to dog you, Aries. Think of a slightly deranged Jack Russell Terrier – not entirely harmful, perhaps cute at times, but ultimately bothersome. Wednesday’s full moon in Cancer seems like it’s a good time for you to rest at home. However, relationships call you out into the world or at least make time at home less restful. What I’m hoping is that the relationship you have been developing over the past weeks with your work will end up sustaining you as you work through deeper intimacy issues. Sometimes distraction is the best option when we are dealing with problems of the heart. However, I don’t suggest jumping ship before the relationship has gotten a chance to help you heal. Fleeing gives no reprieve if it’s premature. This, plus the fact that there is movement in your relationship domain, perhaps makes it feel impossible to hold onto any one situation. Watch for ways in which your unchecked anger is trying to cut things off at the pass. Anger is good when it can protect us from danger. However, feeling vulnerable is often the most dangerous thing we can feel and it’s also the most growth enhancing. This is the crux of your week: remaining open, vulnerable and connected to your feelings. Meanwhile remember to address your anger/urge to cut your losses. Use your work/passion/life goals to help you funnel the energy into a positive direction. Ultimately, it all points to you. It’s not about what will happen this week; it’s about how you deal with what happens that matters. Taurus & Taurus Rising Without love we’re screwed. Without a desire to confront every block that we have to giving and receiving love we’re doubly screwed. Make love your religion. Make love your resting place. Make every blockage to love your greatest teacher, ally and friend. Make love your goal. Make love your lover. Make love your beginning, your middle and your end to each day. There is a tenderness that wants to come to you through the heart break you may be facing. Sweetness has awaited you after the fires have subsided. In the face of rejection remember your true home in the face of separation. Remember how you get connected and in the face of not knowing the answers, rejoice. The most helpful thing that you can do right now is to let yourself feel your way to understanding. Not by buying into every little insane mood swing you have but by feeling deeper into your wisdom that lies in the center of your heart. It sounds cheesy perhaps, but this week I want you to ask yourself, what would love think? This is some very personal astrology and for you there is no escaping the fact that what you think about it determines what it becomes. Relate to your thoughts, ideas and ideals like you would any other interaction with another – don’t accept the criticism without considering the source. Gemini & Gemini Rising Passion is a fleeting gift, meant to be enjoyed while it lasts. The trick is to not let it burn down the structures that contain plain old regular life. Part of your work this week has to do with allowing yourself the freedom to enjoy the folks that are evoking erotic fantasies. To relish experiences and feelings while keeping emotionally connected to your own worth. It looks like there is a part of you that is imagining life as something to just enjoy, without having to make concrete meaning out of each experience. However, there is another part of you that needs some definition of the partnerships that you are in as a way to protect yourself from creating unmanageable expectations that only lead to heartbreak. If you can’t get needs met from romantic partners, I suggest spending more time with friends and the community in order to get your boundary and commitment fix. Some issues about money that you have been chewing on will peak this Wednesday with the full moon. The issue lies at the cross roads of how you relate to security and emotional sustainability. Let me put it this way; you’ll have some *feelings* about how you make money or the money that you are making, and there may be an opportunity coming to you that can help you see a new road to financial sanity. I believe not in this capitalism, or any, but it’s important to not let the bastards drag you down. Cancer & Cancer Rising Moon children! Wednesday reveals our annual full moon in Cancer. Do not let it overwhelm you. Instead, take the beginning of the week with a couple grains of Epsom salts; do what you can to relieve the swelling. Inflammation is at the heart of most health problems and you don’t need to add any more water to a full tub. That being said, I do encourage you to feel out your boundary as you may be ready to inhabit more space than you have previously. There is a difference between letting yourself out of the proverbial closet and letting your ego run a muck. I get that you have been hard at work defining who you are and how you want to express yourself in the world. Try not to limit yourself so much that you miss the opportunity to follow what your life wants from you. As noted in past horoscopes, you are in some serious renegotiations in terms of your relationships. This is good news if you have used the past 6 months to learn a thing or two about taking up the appropriate amount of space. Know your needs and then ask for them to be met. Mother yourself by means of putting yourself first. Listen to the envy, need and/or greed that arise in you with as much compassion as you can muster. The bottom line is that the world and all the people living in it don’t owe you a damned thing, but you owe the world to yourself. Leo & Leo Rising The space between finishing and starting anew is calling you. I suggest spending some well-deserved down time letting yourself ponder the meaning of belly-button lint. Actually, I should say that I want you to be able to do such things. Truth be told, you may need to steal a moment here and a moment there to practice the age-old art of ceiling therapy (laying down and looking at it). These little reprieves are important tools to utilize this week as the tendency will be towards blowing off steam via running off at the mouth. Doing this cannot only be detrimental to your relationships, but I think it could also do you a disservice by inflaming your entire physical system. You need calm, dark, cooling spaces mid-week so create them for yourself whenever you can. Even bathrooms work wonders when you are in a jam and need a moment to gather yourself. When the sun changes signs next Sunday it will move you into a time of year that has you focusing on relating to others. This is happening on a week where relationship issues are aggravated (so that they can become conscious), spend some of your rational reserves to separate your loved ones issues from your own. You aren’t responsible for anyone’s happiness and no one is responsible for yours. Virgo & Virgo Rising I know that I have been waxing poetic about your astrology lately. It’s only because your chart is simply brimming with the potential rarely created to experience self acceptance, fun and friends in ways you may not usually let yourself. Devote the beginning of your week to creating a homey, familial connection with the ones that bring you joy. Let yourself ruminate in any and all feelings of kinship with friends and community. Now, to be completely transparent I am saying this all within the container of understanding that the astrology is asking you to be open to said experience. If you’re closed you will be asked (and maybe not so nicely) to open up. This week’s astrology will sniff out your resistance like a hound dog, latch onto it like a drowning person would a life raft, and refuse to let you deny that you have issues. This is the kind of week that is meant to reveal the cracks we have in our foundation so we know where we may be leaky. And this week offers the appropriate putty so that we know there is always the option to heal. This kind of week says “go where you feel comforted before you try to tackle the problems of your world.” This week says that no matter what the petty argument or deeper resentment; love is the only way through this whole deal. And by love I mean loving yourself enough to slow down, take a breath and not rush any situation, but to rather observe what you could give to yourself, then trust that the answers will arise spontaneously. Libra & Libra Rising Keep your eyes on what you can give to the world. Keep yourself steadied and grounded in good, old fashioned conflict resolution. Inflammation can tend to run rampant this week and a fundamental friction between your home life and your own life – independent of your family – still exists. For single Libras that live alone, this can manifest in your relationships to parents but also in your relationship to your past. That past is a fundamentally flawed place, yet so fantastically full of spiritual gold when mined. I suggest homework assignments such as writing the answers to the following questions: What do I believe about my mother/father? My relationship with my mother/father is based on my willingness to… My agreement(s) to my mother/father are… I feel….about my relationship to my mother/father. I feel secure/unsafe in the world. These last few weeks have been inviting material in you to arise that is all too easy to block out or think that you have taken care of; material that is less than pleasant, nice or civilized. If there was ever a time to do some good old fashion therapeutic healing around your childhood and the influence it has had on who you have become, this is it. Wednesday’s full moon in your tenth house of career will only reveal further what choices you have made based on these old ways of seeing yourself or how much you have healed the issues of your past and are now able to move freely into manifesting your soul’s desires. Scorpio & Scorpio Rising When we move through the world from a place of feeling unsafe, unloved and alone, we don’t actually get the luxury of being open to the moment. When we enter the world by scanning it for exit signs, code languages, safe zones and land mines we don’t get the pleasure of finding out who we are in different social settings. We are the same in every one; we are the soldier on guard. Now I’m not saying that there aren’t very valid reasons for having ended up like this and that there aren’t situations that you need to be extra alert during. However, I do want you to note the difference this week. What is old psychological trauma and what are real time situations to be concerned about? Noticing is a powerful state of being. Noticing has no judgment, noticing is simply witnessing our internal dialogue. My homework for you this week is to notice what arises and when. Simply make a few notes every night about what the day brought to your awareness. You’ll see a pattern develop quickly and if you are anything like me by the third or fourth day you’ll tell yourself it’s a ridiculous exercise. There is no point in writing about your feelings of abandonment, shame and envy yet again. But that’s when you know that you’re on to something. Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising For you, this week I have a mantra (she said in a Jewish New York accent): I release everything in love. I have no need to hold onto what is no longer serving me. I know that as I release one thing that I am making room for another. In fact, I am magnetizing it into my realm through the space created. I step back from any urges to force something into being that I know isn’t right. Instead I stand solid and sturdy with one palm up and one palm down, reminding myself that life is flowing through me. I let energy in and I let energy out all the while keeping connected to my heart and its constant beat. I remember that I live on a teeny-tiny little planet that is enveloped by a vast darkness that is expanding, and that darkness is my home. My home is expanding and I am expanding with it. In this expanded consciousness I am not separated from my ancestors or from any great being that inspires me, in fact I can call on them at any time for help and guidance. My inheritance is the entire universe. The more often I remember that the more often I am actually living in reality. Since I have this gift of memory, I have a responsibility to bring this light into the world through caring, nurturing and feeding those in need. Capricorn & Capricorn Rising Attacking loved ones does no good. We never get what we want and we can only damage the fabric of the relationship. Being a doormat also does no good. We still never get what we want and it too can only damage the fabric of the relationship. Carrying resentments, working ourselves to death for praise, stifling our needs until we have enough power to demand that they are met, or becoming a victim so that at least we’ll get some attention aren’t long range solutions either. However, admitting that you are a sensitive, sweet, caring, loving human who wants to experience what it’s like to be truly vulnerable with another without having to fall into a Blanche DuBois heap of disaster or surrender your identity in the process is a good start. The only way through this week peacefully is to focus on needs that no one knows that you have but you, and then fulfilling said needs for yourself. It’s amazing to watch obsessions lift, resentments fade and desires evaporate when we know we are able to meet our own needs. Your partners aren’t your Creator, but I completely recommend trying to see the divinity in them no matter what comes up in the next few days. Aquarius & Aquarius Rising It’s the kind of week where many of us will want to eat our feelings, whatever the reason; by celebrating, commiserating or obliterating them. It’s the kind of week where the giant hole that lives within all of us is revealed. For very few, this place is not a hole but a center that is filled with community, love and a belief that we live in a benefice universe. For the rest of us ordinary slobs, this giant abyss that resides is just beyond our conscious mind. Just beyond our peripheral vision is the very thing that we try our hardest to run from, cover up, make-over and hide from the world. It all boils down to one lie that we have bought into. It’s that we are separate from each other and the cosmos. That’s it, one little lie that can cause this entire ruckus. So what to do beyond downing the closest bag of salt laden crispy things? Well, there’s always that feeling your feelings trick. This week I would add to listen to your gut, like the literal sensations in your belly. I say this because health issues are up for you and they could have something to do with the digestive system. I also want to encourage you to make the connection between your emotions and the physical responses they induce. The other component to this (that is more important than anything else that I have said thus far) is to cultivate a tenderness and a compassion for the general state of your health and for your overall relationship to your work. Something may boil to the surface here this week and it’s important that you choose the most loving response possible. Pisces & Pisces Rising We are fish swimming in water we don’t know that we are in. Cultural norms are so pervasive that anything can be twisted, shifted, packaged and sold to us without ever having to question what we are buying and buying into. There is a fine line, of course, with all of it – a fine line that one must be ever conscious of if one wants to attain even a little autonomy in this life. If I were you, I would take the opportunity this week to try and see what norms you are adhering to that are contributing more to your disease than ease. Some of these norms may be found in your circle of friends, but pan out and see if they are linked to a larger set of social conditioning. One thing I will advise against this week is giving any unsolicited advice; it’s not helpful, respectful or even true for all you know. None of us ever really knows what anyone else needs, and any time you may think you do this week you can bet your bottom dollar that you are on a superiority trip. Likewise for anyone that does the same to you. What I would suggest focusing on (since you asked) is how to create a more loving, nurturing, caring and thoughtful connection to yourself so that no matter what anyone else in your life does it has no effect on your self confidence. You source your power from your integrity and no one is in charge of cultivating that but you. For more information please visit Chani’s personal blog, UntilTheStarsFallFromTheSky, or for personal astrology readings please contact Chani directly at chani [at]