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The 21 Best Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globe Dress Impersonations


jennifer lawrence colton haynes

The Golden Globes were last night (booooooring) but we were too busy napping and watching Shameless, True Detective and Girls to really give a shit. However, this morning we were bombarded with this picture of Colton Haynes, from Teen Wolf, making fun of Jennifer Lawrence by wearing a belted sheet on Instagram. The tweet sparked a meme that inadvertently proved how fashion can sometimes be pretentious and stupid. The dress is Dior but just look at how easily it can be replicated on both humans and animals. All you need is a large piece of white fabric and two black belts to get the now iconic Jennifer Lawrence look. Oh and a gaping mouth of course, that girl always has her mouth in straight up RAWR position.

After spending way too long exploring various permutations of Jennifer Lawrence hashtags we found the 21 best impersonators of the glorious Golden Globe dress. Congrats to our bb on her win for American Hustle.

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