Justin Bieber's House Got Raided, Cops Find Cocaine

Justin Bieber, just a few days ago, was a suspect in a house egging that caused around $20,000 in damage to a neighbor’s home. When cops raided his home for evidence instead they found cocaine (or ecstasy and xanax, they aren’t sure yet) and arrested rapper Lil Za for possession.
BUT WERE THE EGGS CAGE FREE ORGANIC? I hope so, ladies. I hope so. Bieber has gotten a bad reputation amongst neighbors for smoking weed on his segway and being really, really loud. Like, imagine how loud you have to be in a gated community where acres are separating you for your neighbors to be annoyed?
The cops were there to collect surveillance footage that records all movement on the property and will spend the next few days parsing through the footage. Justin Bieber refused to answer any questions about the vandalism and instead through his friend under the bus (JK). I do wonder how they know who the cocaine belonged to. Lil Za’s bail is set at $20,000.
According to CNN, “If investigators find enough evidence that Bieber, 19, threw the eggs that splattered against his next-door neighbor’s home, they could refer the matter to the district attorney’s office for possible prosecution, he said.┬áThe vandalism damage to the house of Bieber’s neighbor was about $20,000, Thompson said. The cost of repairing the damage to the house is a key factor in determining the severity of the charge. Any damage of more than $950 would qualify the charge as a felony.”
A felony? Everyone knows celebrities only go to jail for 3 days, fake 90-day community service or pretend like they are actually going to make the most out of their rehab stays, none of them get felonies! This is America!

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