Lena Dunham in February's Vogue: Pigeon-Chic, Very Slim, Total A-Hole

Dear Lena Dunham,
The disaffected youth called and they want their spokesperson back. Seriously, why are you in February’s Vogue looking like some sort of zebra pigeon? Did you just go on a safari? Did someone tell you that was a good look? Bless your heart, the man who works at the bodega down the street is going to take one look at your feathered physique and have a PTSD episode of the time he almost got trampled by gazelles back in his homeland. You’re responsible for that man’s breakdown.

“Inspiration is everywhere. Especially on Google Image.” -Me

But really, now. These photos of Lena voice of a generation Dunham in Vogue are the most Photoshopped, obviously eccentric mess I’ve ever laid eyes on. What do I do with this? Am I to believe Adam Driver could really carry her on his shoulders? That alone should tip the world off that Something Is Amiss. Annie Liebovitz, who shot the series of photographs, is an artist — I get that — but gravity still exists and Adam doesn’t look like he has much upper body strength. #Truth
Take a look at the rest of the photos and tell me a time when you’ve ever seen natural light so flattering, so transformative. I’m going to go outside now and take selfies until I look like God’s very own paintbrush did my makeup today.

[All images via Vogue]

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