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The 12 Things You Should Never Say To A College Student


The 12 Things You Should Never Say To A College Student

College is totally one of those best of times, worst of times situations where you’ll never be around so many other people your age looking for connections but also where you’ll never feel as hollow, stressed and uncertain about the future. It’s them growing pains. To add insult to injury, you’re constantly being bombarded with asinine questions about all the things you don’t have answers to or don’t want to answer to. People get all up in your grill about private matters that they believe should be public domain because you are young. I would never ask an adult how much their rent is or how much money they make because that’s intrusive and personal, yet adults have no problem prying into our lives, when they know DAMN WELL shit is getting cray and the struggle is real. Here are 12 things I detested hearing from my peers and adults.

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