Juicy J Gives $50K Twerking Scholarship To Contestant Who Didn't Twerk

We talked about Juicy J’s $50,000 twerking scholarship but now a winner has been announced. The winner is 19-year-old Zaire Holmes a student and single mother. But get this, she didn’t even twerk for the scholarship. After Juicy J announced the competition there was huge backlash to boycott his album (which has a song on it called “Scholarship”because many found the idea of rewarding twerking degrading. Which I don’t get because being a good dancer isn’t degrading?
“There’s no honor in getting a scholarship for shaking your behind….I think its degrading. Why would you want to get a scholarship for that when there’s a lot of intelligent women out here who use their brain. Why don’t you give them some money?” said Seeka the Teacha of the Hip Hop Liberation Army.
However, none of his detractors read the rules which clearly indicate that you don’t have to twerk. All the rules say is that you must, “submit a video no more than five (5) minutes in length as to why you deserve to win the Grand Prize.”
“A lot of people thought you had to twerk, but you actually had to read the rules,” Holmes said. Holmes is currently studying biology at the State College of Florida. In her video she described herself as a hardworking mom trying to educate herself and support her family.

Many are pretty pissed because they are saying the contest is misleading since Juicy J announced that he was giving “$50,000 to the best twerker,” when twerking wasn’t even necessary or considered. I think they’re justified but hey, if a single mother hustling to get an education just got $50,000 then that’s not a bad thing. If the girl was the only one smart enough to read the rules then she probably deserves the cash.
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[Via. Huffington Post / Madame Noire]

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