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Justin Bieber’s Cell Phone May Contain Naked Photos, Police Say


justin bieber naked

It’s only a matter of time before you see a gallery of naked Justin Bieber photos on CollegeCandy.

Justin Bieber‘s cell phone has been seized by police because they’re reportedly looking for a “text high 5” — aka any incriminating text exchange in which Bieber brags about egging his neighbor’s house. (As a reminder for those of you behind on your celeb news, J.Biebs is currently under investigation for allegedly throwing eggs at his neighbor’s home causing $20,000 in damage.) Looks like they might find a lil extra.

Now, according to TMZ, Bieber is “concerned more about drug discussions and references” being discovered, especially after police found cocaine in his home a couple days ago.

As an added bonus, there may be some dick pics on the phone, a source close to the cops reveals. For all the info on this potentially scandalous leak, TMZ has the details and any breaking news!

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