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3 Little-Known Drinking Games More Fun Than Flip Cup!



Tired of the same-old party routine? Branch out from your basic flip cup pregames and take your competitive drinking to the next level with these three fun college drinking games


Beer Hockey

Buzz level: Feelin’ it


-A quarter
-Table with beer cans for each player
-Your friends


1. The player with the quarter spins the coin, while the other players put their “goalies” (hand in the ‘rock on’ gesture) into position on top of their can.
2. The player who spins the quarter calls out a name. All other players move their “goalies” in front of their can to protect it.
3. The player who’s name was called then takes a shot with the coin at any of the opposing players’ cans.
4. If the quarter strikes a can, the successful shooter now spins the quarter and the unsuccessful goalie must drink from their can as long as they can keep the quarter spinning.
5. The person who’s can was struck then spins the quarter and starts a new game.

BUT if the shooter misses, they are ridiculed, and the person who’s can was shot at restarts the game.

See a demonstration of the game, with advanced gameplay rules, here.

CHANDELIERS (variation on quarters)


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Buzz level: Rowdy


-A cup for every player plus one center cup


1. A large cup is filled with beer and put in the center of the table. The smaller cups are also filled with beer, arranged around the center cup in a circle, and in front of each player.
2. The player in possession of the quarter tries to bounce it into one of the glasses. If the quarter lands in one of the small glasses, the player whose glass it lands in has to drink the beer in his/her glass and fill the glass back up with beer. If the quarter lands in the large center glass, every player races to chug the beer in his/her small glass. The player who is last to set his/her glass down has to drink the beer in the large center glass.
3. The quarter is passed to the next player when the previous player fails to put the quarter in a glass.

See a demonstration of the game here.



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Buzz level: Train-wreck


-A game board (easily made with pizza boxes and sharpies)
-About 16 shot glasses (depending on how long you want your ships to be)
-A partner


It’s your favorite childhood game with an adult twist.

1. Each player sits opposite one another, and plots out their battleships on the grid using shot glasses filled with liquor as placeholders.
2. Players take turn guessing where the opponent has placed their shots, and if you guess one of your opponent’s shots correctly, they must drink. If guessed incorrectly, the opponent will respond with “miss”.
3. Continue until one player has “sunk” all of his/her opponent’s ships!

See a demonstration of the game and advanced gameplay here.

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