The Most Effective Ways To Motivate Yourself For The Gym

I can’t be the only person who recommitted to the gym this month. Which leads me to believe I can’t be the only person starting to lose steam on the New Year’s Resolutions. Between work, social life, school, cleaning, studying, knitting, boyfriends, dogs—whatever other obligations you have—sometimes (most times) getting in that work out just isn’t at the top of your list. But it should be!
Here are the 6 most effective ways to get out of that funk and get your ass to the gym.
1. Schedule It. This is the most simple, and most effective way to get in your workouts. I have a gigantic calendar in my teeny cube, and I write out my workouts for the month. This way—I know I plan on 5 workouts a week. If something does come up and I have to cancel, I treat my work out like any other appointment, and I reschedule. Getting to the gym is as important as a reading assignment or a big meeting. Treat it as such.
2. Challenge Yourself. For me, I like to train for races. This sets me on a schedule that I know I have to follow, and allows me to get other work outs in on delegated days. For you that could look like a mini challenge to yourself—say 30 workouts in 30 days. Just setting that goal makes you far more likely to do it. You have something to work towards.
3. Reward Yourself! This can look like anything. Treat yourself to a new yoga outfit after a month of sticking to your plan. Have a “work out jar” and put 10 dollars in there at the end of every week you kill it. Schedule a massage after you finish your first challenge or race. Whatever it is, we work better when we get something tangible at the end!
4. Set realistic goals. Do NOT set yourself up for failure. If you haven’t been to the gym in 3 years and your first goal is to work out every single day at 5 am, you’re going to fail. And you’re going to get discouraged. Take baby steps if you have to, the better you do, the more you’ll keep doing it.
5. Social Media. Sometimes I just lay in bed, thinking about working out, scrolling through Pintrest and Instagram Fitspo sites. Y’all know about 80% of these tell you to just GET OUT OF BED. After about 20 minutes of this, I get my ass out of bed.
6. Grab a Work Out Buddy. If none of the first 5 do it for you, find someone to commit with you. Find someone to be accountable to. If you know someone is waiting for you at the gym, or that they’ll throw shade if you don’t make an appearance, it’s much easier to get out there. Plus, isn’t working out in twos always better?
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