Very Important Poll: Do Jake Gyllenhaal And Tobey Maguire Look Alike?

SO: Editor-in-Chief Alex and I have been long disputing what is painfully obvious to all of America, the largely accepted fact that Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire look alike. Everyone knows that they look alike. It is common knowledge that these two men look alike but AlexANDRA refuses to accept the fact that these actors are almost identical. If Tobey had darker eyebrows he’d be Jake. FACT. #Fact. These are facts. You are rolling your eyes because you are already aware of this fact but we need to prove to Alex who is in denial because Tobey Maguire is strange and Jake Gyllenhaal is an attractive man. Think of one as the evil twin. If that is not convincing enough, I present you with EVIDENCE.

Exhibit A.

Screenshot 23

When you type in both names the word “look alike” fills in on Google because DUH.

Exhibit B.


THIS PICTURE. Again if Tobey’s hair was darker he would BE Jake Gyllenhaal.

Exhibit C.


This picture in which they are photographed together in black and white revealing furthermore that they are THE SAME.

Exhibit D.


This photograph. COME ON.

Exhibit E.


They were in a fucking movie called BROTHERS where they play¬†brothers.¬†C’mon!

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