Recap: GIRLS Season 3, Episode 3: ‘She Said OK’ [A Bro’s Thoughts]

After a semi-reboot and a road trip episode, GIRLS Season 3 finally went back to the gang in Brooklyn trying to figure it all out. It’s Hannah’s birthday, and for the first time all season, we have all the leads in a single room, pontificating about life. While in the previous season an idea like this could have crashed and burned, GIRLS steps up and provides a super cohesive installment in one setting for the majority of the episode (Hannah’s Birthday Party) involving all of the characters and showing a bit of progression from everyone.
Adam Has A Sister And Is Nothing But Trouble But He Keeps Stepping Up
Is it weird that once when getting a haircut, I said the same thing that Adam said about not getting attached to hair? I don’t know what it is, but everything involving Adam this season so far gives him a realism and depth that you knew he was capable of in previous seasons, but finally gets to shine here. His argument with his sister is so pure and beautiful in the wake of Hannah’s politeness is something we have all felt. There’s always that one family member, right?
Anyway, Adam’s sister Caroline is the werido that you expected, and pushes the audience towards supporting Adam instead of thinking that he was weird all the time. While heeding Hannah warning of how Caroline can really bring them down, he stays positive and becomes the dream boyfriend for Hannah on her birthday. While previous seasons Adam would have probably done something destructive and embarrassing, this Adam decided to take one for the team, and then gave Hannah a necklace of his tooth for her birthday. You almost have no choice but to hold out hope for Adam and Hannah, because posi-life Adam seems to be the best Adam. That said, here’s a big ‘FUCK YOU’ to Caroline & her bush (because that was creepy), but setting up a good cliffhanger for the next episode.

In Which Marnie Is A YouTube Fail And Stays Pretty Amusing
There’s that Midtown record called ‘Living Well Is The Best Revenge’ and instead of just ignoring Marnie’s ex abrupt exit from this season, they instead decided to give up a faux storyline of putting a super embarrassing music video up when Marnie was trying to ‘make it.’ Suffice to say, it was hilarious and I kind of wish that we could see the whole music video somewhere.
While Marnie tries to bring herself up a bit with a birthday serenade of ‘Take Me Or Leave Me’ from Rent later in the show; Shoshanna pretty much sums up what’s going on with how we might still be feeling about Marnie post-breakup: “Please stab this Disney princess in the face and shut the fuck up.” While I would have previously agreed with this sentiment; the genuine feel of this storyline of Marine attempting to get it together instead of blaming everything else for her problems is WAY better than Hurricane Marnie from last season. I still kind of want her to start banging random, but i’m all for the slow play.
In Which Ray Is Maybe Starting His Quarter Life Crisis?
Ray’s got more responsibility and is receiving life and business advice from Colin Quinn. Seems like he’s living the dream, right? Even he thinks he is for a little bit. But of course, at Hannah’s birthday, he runs into some random dude that Shoshanna picked up on the street and decided to bring. Then he attempts to have the awkward conversation with Shoshanna after explicitly stating he didn’t want to in the season premiere, and it all falls apart. He gets pissed when his grunge is turned off at a 25 year olds birthday party for LMFAO, he gets punched out by Hannah’s editor David, and well, you just feel for the dude. In the simplest terms, he’s going to go through some shit now, which I’m looking forward to seeing. Maybe I’m just excited to talk about Ray more in a GIRLS recap. Does that make me a bad person? Maybe. Whatever.
Other than that: Shosanna looked like the quintessential college girl that I probably would have tried to pick up when I was drunk, Jessa didn’t really do anything at all (which was nice), and we’ve got plot-lines for everyone to pick up next week that don’t feel forced or random. Also, I totally forgot that all of these girls are younger than 25. That kind of blew me away. Three episodes down with nine to go, and I kind of feel like there’s legitimate potential this season for GIRLS. Huh. Who would have thought?
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