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Married Robin Thicke Caught Blurring Lines With Another Woman


robin thicke cheating 600x350

Robin Thicke was caught making out with another woman on the dance floor. He looked like a greasy hot mess. SMH! Robin Thicke has been married to Paula Patton for about 156 years and this is the second photographed incident of him getting down with another woman. Remember this? The infamous butt grab?


Maybe they are separated and we just don’t know? Maybe they have some sort of arrangement? Paula Patton told Access Hollywood about the above debacle, “It’s fun, I call it legal cheating. We’re kind to each other. I don’t come to the set when you’re making out with naked ladies, you don’t come to the set when I’m making out. It’s good for both of us.”

Either way I can only imagine that a part of that arrangement is no pictures for the public. THERE WERE SO MANY PICTURES, YOU GUYS!  After performing at Club 79 in Paris, Robin Thicke joined muggles on the dance floor and proceeded to get up close and personal, shit-faced, greasy drunk. If he were a girl his mascara and eyeliner would have been dripping down his cheeks.

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