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This is Why You’re Single & Other Links to Read in Bed


Katie Heaney

Just a few weeks ago, you probably wouldn’t have known the name Katie Heaney. Was she a girl in your English class? Someone your ex rebounded with? Maybe she was in your study group a few semesters back? Her name has that generic ring to it that makes you think hmm…maybe I know her. But today, make no mistake, Katie Heaney is making a less generic name for herself — one as the girl who is 25 and has still yet to experience a first date. Her first book, a collection of essays aptly titled “Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date”, is gaining a maelstrom of buzz.

Now, those notorious betches at BetchesLoveThis have decided to go in on Miss Katie, clearly outlining why she — and you, if you’re in a similar situation — is perpetually single can’t (womp womp) can’t find a date.


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This blind item definitely points to Justin Bieber and his seized cell phone. Apparently there are photos of Hollywood’s youngest and (not so) brightest caught in compromising positions. Gross.

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Toy Story recreated by kittens? Yup, I’ll watch that.

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