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We’re Here For The Right Reasons: “The Bachelor” Recap, Episode 3



As expected, I am falling more and more in love with Juan Pablo every week. He does and says things all episode that for real make me gush. I’m just not used to these feelings, you guys.

So this week, Cassandra gets the first date card. She had such a hard week last week and Juan is clearly being very thoughtful in giving her the date. Not only to reassure her that he wants her there, but so he can know quickly if there’s a connection or not so she can get back to her son if there isn’t. So, so, thoughtful.

In order to take her on the coolest, most fun date of all time, he takes her in a Jeep that turns into a speed boat, which they then take to a yacht. I don’t even know how to handle these dates, y’all. He’s just absolutely crushing it.

And as if a yacht and car boat weren’t enough, next stop is his apartment or whatever, where he COOKS HER DINNER and they dance the salsa by candlelight. You guys, I’m dying. He can even pull off those weird khaki colored jeans, and we know that ain’t easy.

What I like about Cassandra is that she is as skeptical as she should be. She continues to say that she’s not sure how she feels, and she wants to make sure there is something there. And obviously, the way Juan handles it makes me love him even more (who would have thought!). He shares his very intense thought process with her before giving her the rose—he’s serious. He feels like a grown up, and a real person, and it’s great.

The group date is a big soccer game, because of course. Sharleen gets rocked in the face about 12 times and laughs every single time, which I’m obsessed with. Remember that time Tierra jumped into some cold water and they had to call the ambulance? THIS is how you impress a dude, you laugh it off.

My biggest take away from this group date it that Juan makes women feel more at ease than any other Bachelor I’ve seen. He talks to them for 5 seconds and poof they’re insecurities and shyness and whatever else just disappears. How is this man not married?

Juan picks Chelsie up for the final one on one, and the car ride looks like a BLAST. Watching Juan groove and dance and sing in the car could become one of my favorite things.

The date starts out totally on my level with fried Venezuelan foods, but then it ends with an ankle bunjee jump which is just, so not for me. I think I would respond exactly how this poor woman did, by weeping. But, like Chelsie, if Juan Pabs was whispering in my ear and telling me we were in it together, I’m sure I’d get the courage to jump, too. Especially if I then got to kiss him upside down, while hanging from a bridge.

Ugh, why didn’t I audition for this season.

In another excellent twist, there was no cocktail party tonight, and instead we had a wicked fun pool party—totally Juan Pablo. After he comes to see all the girls in their “payamas” and make them a delicions Venezuelan breakfast, of course.

So, lots of drama at this pool party. And here’s the thing. Every year, I continue to be amazed at the level of surprise these women have when they feel jealousy or anger or whatever when they see the Bachelor kiss other women. That is what happens. That is what you signed up for. I’m not saying it’s easy—I would not be able to handle this situation

But that’s why I’m not on The Bachelor.

In the end, Juan seems to be pretty aware of which women are serious, and which aren’t. Which is why he was able to send home Lucy week 3, which I was not expecting, but adored.

As of right now, I’m convinced Juan Pablo can do no wrong.

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