10 Things Only Pinterest Lovers Understand

Pinterest is for lovers is not the slogan of Pinterest but maybe it should be because I love Pinterest. There aren’t many places on the internet that don’t make room for negativity and focus on light-hearted—I’ll just come right out and say it—pretty things. Everything on Pinterest is pretty. It was made to be pretty, it was probably made by some impossibly pretty person and I am so OK with that. It’s not as if Pinterest lacks substance, after all recipes, crafts and innovative DIY tutorials take some know-how and ability, it’s that the website is unflinchingly positive.


Pinterest personified is that girl from Mean Girls who, doesn’t even go to this school, wants to bake a cake of hearts and rainbows and has a lot of feelings. Pinterest doesn’t tolerate outrage or hate—it’s a retreat from just about every other comments section in the world. Embrace the Pinterest. Embrace the positivity, Nutella, and quinoa recipes. Embrace the #PinterestProblems! Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest!

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