77 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Appeared on Sesame Street

the backstreet boys on sesame street

I got more than my fair share of Sesame Street as a kid — blame it on the fact that I’m an 80s baby, that my parents were typical baby boomers or that Barney just wasn’t on TV yet. (Dang, I feel old.) I learned my ABCs and 123s courtesy of Big Bird and The Count instead of those creepy Teletubbies. And while I didn’t realize it at the time — hey, I was only 3 — the best part of the show was the awesome celebrity appearances. From A-Listers and rock stars to politicians and athletes, it seems like just about every famous name has taken a stroll down Sesame Street.

We all know about Katy Perry‘s infamous almost-appearance on Sesame Street. Parents immediately protested that their children not be bombarded by Katy’s boobs pushing their way out of a yellow bustier, and so her segment was yanked from the air. But she’s just one celebrity out of dozens and dozens who have joined forces with Cookie Monster, Elmo and the rest of the gang to teach you a thing or two.

Here are 77 celebrities you likely had no idea appeared on Sesame Street…

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