Aerie Lingerie Ads Will Not Photoshop Models, The Real You Is Sexy

Aerie Lingerie is trying something new. They’re not photoshopping their models. This is super important because Aerie, the sister brand to American Eagle, is mostly marketed toward girls 15-21. Those are crucial ages when it comes to examining, loving and thinking about our bodies. Even on Aerie’s website when you’re searching for different bra sizes instead of the model remaining the same whether she has 32As or 36DD, the model actually changes to show you what a body with breasts that size really looks like.

Aerie says, “We want every girl to feel good about who they are and what they look like, inside and out. This means NO MORE RETOUCHING OUR GIRLS AND NO MORE SUPERMODELS.”

Now I know you are going to see these ads and think, “These girls are conventionally attractive anyway.” Yes, they are and I’m perfectly fine with their beauty being celebrated. It’s not the retouched, creepily perfected Photoshop that turns humans into silicone-skinned, android like beings. These girls look their best, which is how you should look in a very important photograph. While the girls do have fit and healthy bodies it’s pretty obvious that anywhere else they would have been ‘shopped to have more even skin tone, slimmer everythings and pore-less skin. These girls aren’t teeny-tiny models either (not that there’s anything wrong with that) their bodies are a bit more attainable, meaning you can locate actual lipids on them.

It’s sad when something as obvious as this becomes groundbreaking because of the level of photo altering that goes on in the media. The girls look stunning. When there are people walking around who look like this who decided they needed to be enhanced in the first place?






[Via. Adweek]

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