Apple Removes Plastic Surgery For Barbie Game Because It Is Way Sexist

Apple has removed the game Plastic Surgery & Plastic Doctor & Plastic Hospital Office for Barbie—the longest title in history—after Twitter outrage that it was incredibly sexist because it so, so was. OMG. Keep in mind this is a game for nine-year-olds and up. The object of the game is to perform plastic surgeries like liposuction on young women to make them more “beautiful.”

The language is borderline hate speech that teaches young girls to body shame and that the only way to fix themselves is through cosmetic surgery. Check out an excerpt from the game,”This unfortunate girl has so much extra weight that no diet can help her. In our clinic she can go through a surgery called liposuction that will make her slim and beautiful. We’ll need to make small cuts on problem areas and suck out the extra fat. Will you operate her, doctor?”

The game is instructing nine-year-old girls to help this “unfortunate girl” by making her “slim and beautiful.” What the heeeeeeck? The Everyday Sexism Project put the video game on blast via Twitter forcing Apple to investigate and eventually take the app down.

Tweet @itunes if you think they should reconsider marketing this crap to players aged 9+ #EverydaySexism

— EverydaySexism (@EverydaySexism) January 14, 2014

Project founder Laura Bates said,”These apps promoted the idea, to girls of a very young age, that their looks and the shape of their bodies is the sum total of their value, that being thin is the ultimate goal, and that the only way to ‘fix’ their bodies is to turn to surgery.”

What do you think is this totally sexist or totally fine?

[Via. Yahoo News]

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