How to Make Glitter Mason Jars, Because It’s Snowing and We <3 Crafts!

glitter mason jars

I come across a lot of DIY ideas as I obsessively check Pinterest throughout the day, but few are as cute and practical as these glitter mason jars. Since a good portion of the country is stuck indoors today thanks to Winter Storm Janus, I figured there’s no time like the present to get crafty!

Mason jars are one of my favorite things because they have so many good uses. Candle holders, casual drinking glasses, pencil cups…literally almost anything you can think of storing in them, you can. Another great thing about mason jars — chances are you probably already have a few in your cabinets, and if not, they’re so cheap to buy. You can pick up a pack of 12 from Walmart for $15, that’s just a little over a dollar per jar (roommate craft day!). If you can’t get out to the store, fear not. Any old spaghetti sauce jar or jam jar will work for this project! Really, it just needs to be glass in order to work.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own glitter mason jar:

1 glass jar, or more if you’re ambitious.

A whole lotta glitter in any colors you want. (Personally, I love gold or rose gold.)

Craft glue aka regular ol’ school glue

A foam brush (one for each color of glitter you’re working with)

Masking tape


All told, that stuff’s going to cost you about $20…likely less if you split a pack of mason jars with friends, buy single jars or recycle one you already have. Now here’s how to get those jars sparkling in glittery wonder.

1. Clean all jars and dry them thoroughly. Make sure any labels are removed and that there’s no glue residue left behind. Scrub, scrub, scrub.

2. Put down newspaper to protect any work surfaces from getting glittery and gluey.

3. Figure out what kind of design you want to go with on your jar. Here are some ideas I love. Maybe they’ll be good inspiration for you:

4. Tape off the areas on your jar where you do not want glitter to appear.

5. Using your foam brush, coat the exposed areas of the jar with craft glue.

6. Carefully pour your glitter on top of the gluey areas and shake off excess. Repeat as needed until your glitter coats the exposed areas evenly.

7. Allow the glue and glitter to set for a few minutes (cocktail break!), and then, using a clean foam brush, apply a coat of glue on top of the glitter to seal your creation. Bonus points: If you really want to get crafty and have access to a craft store or hardware store, you can use a sealing spray shellac to set the glitter.

Important: When your jars are finished, they will not be dishwasher safe. These glitter mason jars are not intended to be eaten out of or used as drinkware. Instead, try using them for one of these purposes — candle luminary, makeup brush holder, pencil cup, flower vase, inexpensive gift for friends or Bigs/Littles.

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