Justin Bieber’s Butt Makes Its Instagram Debut & Other Links to Read in Bed

justin bieber butt copy

When he’s not sending dick pics to Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber is posting pictures of his naked butt to Instagram. Just what you wanted to see this morning. And I’m sure it’s not what Lil Za, his roomie who was arrested for drug possession when police searched Bieber’s house after he egged a neighbor, wanted to wake up next to.

To read the classic caption Bieber tagged with this beautiful pic, visit Idolator.


The famous glass cube Apple store on 5th Ave in NYC shattered in the blizzard last night. The pics are insane.

This is science! Walking through doorways makes you forget things.

You’re not the only one wondering if that was or wasn’t a date you went on. What even is a date? People date?

This fraternity threw a wildly racist mixer on MLK Day.

Hamish Bowles teaches Lena Dunham how to pose in Vogue. This is so wrong.

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