The 5 Most Exciting 2014 Sochi Olympic Events You Can’t Miss

2014 sochi olympics

The 2014 Sochi Olympics are coming at us February 7th! And while most of the discussion on this year’s Winter Olympics has revolved around politics, I’m ready for the events! I always have a hard time deciding which events need to take up my time and DVR space, and which I can just catch clips on later.

Here are the 5 Olympic events I won’t be missing this year:

1. The Women’s Ski Jump.

Why: It is the first year that women have been allowed to participate. Obviously we weren’t capable until very recently because, boobs.

When: Your first chance to catch this ladies event is Tuesday, February 11 at 21:30. Plus, these girls can crush it and this event is crazy interesting to watch.

2. Figure Skating

Why: I feel like this doesn’t require an explanation, because it’s figure skating! But I guess I’ll say for the costumes. And for the fact that it is one of the oldest winter Olympic events. And the dancing. Look, just don’t miss it.

When: You have so many chances to check out all different types of figure skating! My personal favorite is Team Pairs Freestyle which airs for the first time Saturday February 8, at 22:05.

3. Curling.

Why: Because I used to think Curling was ridiculous, and then I played shuffleboard, and I realized it’s crazy hard and challenging. Plus, it’s entertaining as hell to watch.

When: There is so much curling on February 10th—you’ll be able to get your fill! It starts at 9am sharp!

4. Biathalon

Why: This shit is CRAY you guys. It’s a combination of cross country skiing and rifle shooting. That’s right—skiing and shooting guns. The Olympic program has 5 of these events if you can believe that, for men and women (we can shoot and ski but we can’t jump and ski? Whatever): individual race, sprint, pursuit, mass start race and relay, and finally, the mixed relay.

When: I am definitely most interested in the Pursuit, which just is a huge individual race of skiing and shooting. You can catch this for the first time February 10 at 1900 (men) and the 11th at 1900 (women).

5. Ice Hockey

Why: There’s some bad blood on the side of Russia in terms of hockey, and I think it’s going to be an explosive year. Russia lost to Canada in the quarter finals during the Vancouver Games in 2010 and didn’t even place. Recovering from that loss, and given that the games will be on their turf this year, it’s bound to be a tough event.

When: Men’s hockey begins February 12 at 21:00. US plays their first game against Slovakia February 13 at 16:30.

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