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Meet The Inspiring, Bald And Beautiful Plus-size Model With Ovarian Cancer


plus-size model with cancer

At 25 Elly Mayday isn’t much older than any of us, yet she’s dealing with a very “adult” circumstance: ovarian cancer. Anyone who faces cancer is courageous and brave but anyone who can do it in style is a real inspiration. Elly lost her hair and underwent a hysterectomy but that hasn’t stopped her from modeling.

Elly says, “In the lingerie industry, it’s not something you do. It’s all about long hair and big breasts and arched backs. But it’s important to show what real women look like underneath their clothes.” It’s a bold statement to say cancer or any illness really, doesn’t make you less beautiful. Just think of how we treat people who are even a little bit sick. Someone coughs on public transportation and you move away.


Finding out she had cancer wasn’t an easy journey either. “I was told it was a cyst so many times, and I just knew deep down in my heart that there was something else wrong. It was kind of a point of realization, either, ‘Do I stop [modeling] now, or do I keep on going and be the person that I was raised to be and the person that I know I am?'” She told the Canadian television network CTV. 


Though it seemed like it was a struggle Forever Yours Lingerie decided to partner with Elly Mayday and shoot her just as she is: bald, with scars and incredible curves.  “At the time, she was a size 14 and had a nice bust and a small waist and big, full hips and behind,” said Sonya Jenkins, the co-founder of Forever Yours Lingerie. “We wanted to represent that look.” Elly is a size 14 after having lost 40 pounds from the chemotherapy.

A cancer fighting, body positive, bodacious babe—is there anything more inspiring than that?

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