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Olivia Pope Might Be Having an Abortion & More in Today’s Candy Dish



Shonda Rhimes thinks 2014 should be the year we talk about abortion on TV, as she recently told Time, “Let’s be serious about what’s really going on. I would prefer that [writers] do story lines about people getting and using birth control rather than doing stories about people accidentally ending up pregnant and then keeping their babies.”

She reveals that during the first season of Grey’s Anatomy, when Cristina Yang became pregnant, the original script had Yang seeking out an abortion. But since Grey’s was such a young show and the audience had not yet connected with the characters, Rhimes thought it might be too much too soon, opting to have Yang’s pregnancy storyline end with an ectopic pregnancy. Viewers know that later in the show’s run the storyline was visited again with a different ending.

But with Shonda Rhimes still shaping her newest TV baby, Scandal, I wonder if she’ll decide it’s Olivia Pope’s turn to face that particular fork in the road. A Fitz baby would be quite the…scandal. Cyrus would need make sure that was dealt with quietly and quickly. TV abortions in 2014? Bring it on.


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