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Beyonce Lost Her Virginity to Jay-Z & Other Links to Read in Bed


beyonce lost virginity

A bunch of celebrities opened up about how they lost their virginity, and the stories range from the typical to the WTF (John Stamos, I’m lookin’ at you). Their accounts are just so absolutely basic, awkward and weird that I can hardly believe these individuals now walk down red carpets on the reg. There should be a rule against becoming world famous after losing your V-Card in a Volvo while Jeff Buckley plays (yup, that’s someone’s story).

Among all these weirdos, Beyonce revealed, that prior to Jay-Z, she only had one boyfriend — and that was when she was 13. Since Bey and this mystery BF didn’t live together, they didn’t “you know”. Do we believe she’s telling the truth on this one?


Just two teenagers making out with a nasty safari giraffe.

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