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Girl Meets World Gets Picked Up For 21 Episodes, Rejoice At Mr. Feeny


girl meets world

The Disney Channel has ordered eight more episodes of the Boy Meets World follow-up series Girl Meets World for a total of 21 episodes. Though there was much hype about the new sitcom, it was still unclear as to whether or not the pilot would be picked up—until now. YAS. Feeeeeeeeny. FEE-NEH! Feenyfeenyfeeny. The series will focus on Corey and Topanga’s daughter Riley as well as their other kid two children. I guess, Corey and T were getting busy in college because I have no idea how they would have so many children by now. I just read that Teo Halm who was supposed to play Riley’s older brother had his character completely dropped from the series!

The world is in need of some sincere, light-hearted, coming-of-age storytelling especially for girls bombarded with fame-seeking, pop star narratives.

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