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Justin Bieber Lookalike Releases Song “Justified” About Justin Bieber



Toby Sheldon spent $100,000 on plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber and astonishingly still manages to look nothing like him. Given recent events, I wouldn’t want to look like Justin Bieber but hey, maybe this kid loves weed, segways and drag racing and can totally relate? Oh wait, this guy isn’t a kid, he is 33 years old. Imagine have three decades worth of wisdom amounting to this. 

Toby said, “I wanted to explain how deep my admiration for Justin goes and how good it feels to have more of his youthful features.” How nice . . . Just wait until you hear some of these lyrics.

First Verse: Your charming smile

Your handsome look

It got me hooked

To turn back time.

Surgery was all it took

To get Justified.

Chorus:        Bieber style

When I look in my mirror

Justin’s always here


Nothing I won’t try

Cuz all I want from life

Is to be a little more


Justified, Jus-Justified

Never Say Never, Guys

Justin_Bieber_lookalike_toby sheldon

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