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8 Rules for Today’s Crazy Dating Game


dating rules

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that dating now is a far cry from the dating style of our grandparents’ and our parents’ generation. No more are the days of calling a girl’s home phone to set up a date, and facing the risk of her scary father answering. We have cell phones and texting to make dating depressingly simply and shockingly complicated. You don’t have to sit and wonder what he or she thought of your first date anymore; just hop on twitter and see their thoughts on the date in real-time. The question is no longer “Will I get a kiss on the first date?” The more common question asked now is, “Will we have sex on the first date?”

Things are truly a-changin’ and being a single attempting to mingle can be rough. So here are eight modern dating rules (blah, rules. I know) that can potentially assist you in the ever-changing landscape of the dating scene. Some of them might crush your old soul, but rules are for breaking, right?

[Lead image via Ivelin Radkov/Shutterstock]

Love child.