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The Beyonce And Jay Z Grammys Perfomance GIFs You NEED



We all know Beyonce and Jay Z were the highlight of The Grammys because they are just too cute together and have enough chemistry to make up for a rather low key performance. “Drunk In Love” isn’t even a great song. It’s a cute song because of who is singing it but compared to the excellence of other tracks on that album it’s rather weak. Even knowing this, it was still the best part of The Grammys.

Let’s get real: The Grammys suck. There’s no method to the madness. The winners aren’t chosen based on popularity or talent. Only in an awards ceremony as preposterous as this can Macklemore sweep the rap categories (In case you’re wondering my upset doesn’t come from a racial stand point. Macklemore is a rapper. It’s just that when it comes to critical acclaim to win against Drake, Kanye and Kendrick Lamar whose albums made it on top of every Best Album list, not just best “rap album,” either, it makes no sense to reward the Katy Perrys of hip hop with the award.) and Led Zeppelin can win Best Alt Rock Album in 2014. The awards ceremony is just lame but AT LEAST WE GOT BEYONCE.

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