16 Recruitment Secrets From Sorority Insiders

Few people understand the pressures that come along with rushing a sorority. Unless you’ve already sat on a student center floor in a cocktail dress for eight hours or trekked across campus in 4-inch heels in either stifling heat (fall rush) or bitter cold (spring rush) — all just to join what is, in its simplest form, yet another student group — you really can’t relate to the rush process. There’s singing and jumping and awkward conversation and lemonade, OH THE LEMONADE, and so many sweat stains. After a point, it’s hard to tell if you’re being interviewed for a position in a sorority or if you’re just a fan of self-inflicted misery.
But the upside (because believe me, there is an upside), is that at the end of the week, when all the chants are no longer stuck in your head and the blisters on your baby toes have healed, you will be the newest sister to a loyal and loving group of women.
Before you reach the promised land, though, you’ve gotta stick it out through the rush process. And that’s where we come in! We’ve called upon our own readers and some of our favorite Greek ladies from around the web to ask them what they wish someone had told them during rush. Below you’ll find an essential collection of recruitment secrets from sorority insiders. These ladies have been through the trenches, so heed their advice.

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