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This Train Wreck Pop Star Is Also Now a Baby Daddy & Other Links to Read in Bed


baby daddy

I cannot even form full sentences, that’s how completely in shock I am right now. BlindGossip, my favorite site for getting the early scoop on celebrity scandals, has just solved one of their own items. The blind was concerning a world-famous young performer who fathered a child with one of his fans. And now it’s solved. Here’s the original item, just so you can catch up:

She was a regular girl who met a very famous pop star at a casual dining restaurant in Miami a few years ago. Their two tables hit it off, and – long story short – she wound up spending the night at his hotel room.

She found out that she was pregnant soon after. She had a steady boyfriend at the time and the couple assumed that the boyfriend was the father. When the DNA tests came back, though, they discovered that he was not biologically related to the child.

Since then, the baby has grown into a happy, healthy child… who looks exactly like the pop star in his childhood pictures! The mom has been hesitant to contact the pop star (who doesn’t even know that she became pregnant around the same time that they had their one night stand) because she is very worried that it will become a big international scandal if she does.

The mom and child live quietly in Europe now, so that may provide them a little insulation against an onslaught of media attention. Since celebrities have babies out of wedlock all the time, you might be wondering why this story would command such attention. Simple: At the time of conception, the pop star was only in his mid-teens. Oh, baby!

So, can you guess who they’re talking about? The shocking answer is right here.


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