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University of Alabama Is Banning Sorority Selfies


selfie ban

University of Alabama has enforced a “no selfie” policy for at least one of its sororities Zeta Alpha Tau. A tipper told Total Sorority Move, “My roommate is a Zeta. She said that all members had to sign a social media contract banning things like selfies on Instagram because it was immature and made them look bad to PNMs for next year.”

I have to say this is smart on the sorority’s behalf. Considering the horrible, horrible press sororities and frats have been receiving for posting pictures of blackface, irresponsible behavior and sometimes even rape—it’s best to keep things private. While I am glad stupid kids are stupid enough to expose themselves as ignorant butt-faces, I don’t believe one stupid thing you do in college or in your twenties should stigmatize you for the rest of your life.

This comes in the wake of Arizona State expelling the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity for posting pictures of themselves drinking out of watermelon cups and throwing up gang signs during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day party.

Keep yo’ ig’nance to yo’self, people. As Rupaul once said, “If you can’t love your selfie, how in the hell you gonna love somebody elsie?” Post selfies you love, not ones you’ll regret.

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