The 16 Rudest Cakes, You Don't Want But Do

There’s nothing like a delicious chocolate apology cake after you accidentally get ejaculations in your eye, right? These cakes are rude, mean, crass and insulting. so you know they were made with love. The reason why I’d want one of these crazy cakes is because only your best and greatest friends can talk to you this way. Only your real BFFs can bake you a cake calling you an old, drunk slut on your birthday. That kind of relentless hazing and teasing is the culmination of true friendship because it means you know your bestie so well that only sticks and stones are going to come between your friendship. When you’re good friends with someone you don’t need 17 interpreters to decipher a text message or a maybe-too-snide comment because you don’t even needs words to communicate. What’s an even better testament of a real friendship is when you can laugh at the same things.
Check out the 16 rudest cakes made with love. (Probably.)

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