Lesson #5: Romantic Comedies Don't Teach Nothin' 'Bout Love [Bold Girls' Bible]

Bold Girls' Bible

The other night I watched The Vow at Stephen’s apartment and literally gross cried throughout the entirety of the movie. Thankfully it was dark and no one seemed to notice. It was not my best moment. Throughout the movie I was just waiting for the moment where Rachel McAdams would get her memory back and show up on Channing Tatum‘s doorstep apologizing for taking so long to get there. It would be a declaration of love and some sappy music would play. I knew it would happen because those movies are so cheesy and predictable.
SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t. She never actually gets her memory back. I was really bothered by that fact. I mean, it’s a movie after all. Was I supposed to just accept the fact that she will never remember how she really met her husband? Yes. Because it was based on a true story, and the woman in the story never got her memory back. That’s real life.
In one of my most recent romantic situations, I was constantly convinced it would turn out like a romantic movie. Like, “Oh you don’t like me now. That’s cool. We’re meant to be.” I actually had full-blown day dreams where we would both end up in New York at some hip bar. I would, of course, be rocking as the Editor-In-Chief of some kick ass magazine. I would say something heart wrenchingly cool like “Long time no see, kid.” Part of the reason I had these delusions was because neither one of us were dating anyone else. So when I walked into our local bar one fateful evening and saw him tongue deep in some girl’s mouth, I was basically crushed. The other part of the reason for my delusions: romantic comedies.
The worst offender of them all is “He’s Just Not That Into You.” I love this movie, so don’t hate me, but the entire plot is totally hypocritical. It sets up this anti-romance. We are the rule, not the exception! And then it goes and makes the bat sh*t crazy main character the exception! In theory, however, it does make a strong point I feel like all womankind needs to remember — life is most likely not a romantic comedy.
Every date you go on isn’t going to look like a perfect scene, especially the ones you try really hard to make perfect. Every random hookup will likely not turn into a relationship. And every relationship isn’t going to be sweeping declarations of love and “just because flowers” on the reg. It’s real life. Repeat after me, it’s REAL. And it’s a whole lot better than a dumb movie.

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