Looking for the Perfect Date Outfit? We’ve Got Some Awesome Suggestions!


Figuring out what to wear for a date is a surprisingly tricky process. You want to look cute, obviously, but not like you tried to look cute. After all, he can’t know you spent 45 minutes getting your hair to look all Beyonce I-woke-up-like-this. And the outfit, Jesus, the outfit. Are pants too casual? Is a skirt too formal? Is this necklace too blingy? Does this coat make me look like a marshmallow? There’s seemingly no right answer. (Don’t even get me started on how easy guys have it — they can just throw on jeans and a button down and look appropriately dressed for, like, 783 different date scenarios.)

Especially now that Valentine’s Day is coming up, I think it’s time we get a few solid date outfits on the table. We here at CollegeCandy teamed up with Superdry Canada (one of our fave brands) to dish on our favorite date ideas and date outfits. Use the flowchart below to help you decide what to wear on your next big date — whether you’re hitting the slopes or sitting down for a fancy dinner!

Click the image to see the flowchart full-size!

Superdry Date Night Flowchart

Click the image to see the flowchart full-size!

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