Meet DBatSnap The Greatest Snapchatter Of All Time

Meet Dasha Batelle or DBatSnap, the greatest snapchatter of all time. No, she is incredible. You can check her out hanging with famous folks from the Ninja Turtles and Hey Arnold! to The Pink Panther and Kermit The Frog. The 24-year-old Manhattanite was interviewed by CNBC News where she discussed how she got into Snapchat and how she got so effing good at it. She said of her interest in the medium, “Frustrated at work, I started to use Snapchat as a creative outlet—after fussing around with the app, I realized I could create pretty detailed work. As a kid I was fascinated by comics; I used to copy them out of the newspaper and The New Yorker. I guess some of those techniques stuck with me and I started using cartoons as inspiration for a lot of my snapchats. There’s also something inherently funny about spending 45 minutes on a drawing that disappears in 10 seconds. Talk about being a “struggling artist.” After encouragement from friends and family and a better understanding of the app, Dasha’s work became more intricate, funny and complex. Check out 20 of our favorite Snapchats by Dasha—The Greatest Snapchatter Of All Time.