The Taylor Swift Grammys Beat Down You Didn’t See & Other Links to Read in Bed

Taylor Swift may have come out of the Grammys empty handed, but she certainly didn’t escape harsh blows for her head-whipping performance. Literally. Turns out you’re not the only one who has mumbled to themselves, “OMG I wish I could just punch this girl in the face. SHUT UP, TAYLOR!” Someone actually put their money where their mouth was and served the singer a beat down…sorta. Watch the weird video footage of the attack here.


An Italian artist redrew the Disney princesses with traumatic handicaps.

61 of the cutest moments to happen at the Puppy Bowl publicity event.

Jennifer Lawrence is just like you: she gets Dorito dust on her fancy clothes, too.

The Miami police tell all. Turns out Justin Bieber is every bit the little bitch you hope/expect him to be.

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