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How to Sound Like You Actually Read These 9 Literary Classics & Other Links to Read in Bed


Literary Classics Custom Jackets

I was an English major in college, and, as such, was never short of titles on my reading list. During my senior year (2009, omg so old) the Twilight series hit its peak and things got to a point where I hung my head and admitted defeat — I couldn’t resist peer pressure any longer, I just had to read these dumb books. It was also during this time that my class readings were at an all-time high. Short stories, poems, novels, biographies — you name it, it was on my syllabus. There were no fewer than 12 paperbacks flagged with Post-It notes stacked next to my desk at any given time.

But back to Twilight. In life, there are the books you have to read and then the books you want to read. The books you have to read are often translated from their original 1904 German text for your endless pleasure, and the books you want to read feature sparkly mystical creatures fallin’ in luv. Needless to say, my required reading got back burnered in favor of Edward Cullen & Co. (Don’t judge.)

The point of my story is that there are some classic titles I just never got around to reading. And while I never find myself at dinner parties wishing I could offhandedly recite Shakespeare’s sonnets (lol like I even go to dinner parties, period), it’s always nice to sound like you know what you’re talking about because #FakeItTilYouMakeIt. If you, like me, “skimmed” some of the books you really should have read, here’s an awesome guide to sounding like you read 9 iconic pieces of literature. You is kind, you is smart.


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