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The 20 Super Bowl Food Stadiums That Will Make You Puke With Glee


food stadium

Super Bowl food stadiums are a thing. They are a thing that exist. Why? Because America. What is a Super Bowl food stadium? Well according to Editor-in-Chief Alex it’s “shit soup.” As far as I can tell it is an elaborate display of the crappiest snack foods you can find coupled with the crappiest “American” foods, like hot dogs, burgers and various condiments, arranged to look like football stadiums. What’s gross about this isn’t the idea—I appreciate the legwork—rather it’s the inevitable mixing. People will get drunk. A little guacamoles mixes with a little pico de gallo, a little sour cream gets on a hot dog. Next thing you know you’ve got shit soup. If you think the one pictured above is a hot mess just wait till you see the rest of these disturbingly (delicious!) elaborate super bowl food stadiums.

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