Recap: GIRLS Season 3, Episode 5: ‘Only Child’ [A Bro’s Thoughts]

Hannah goes to a funeral, Shoshanna gets sick of Jessa, Adam and his sister get some therapy, and Marine & Ray get closer than ever. While the focus is still on Hannah this episode, the balance between characters were much better. This was more of a streamlined episode of Girls Season 3, but enough happened in the back half of the episode to keep coming back.

In Which Hannah Still Has The Spotlight, But We Deal With It For Adam’s Sake

It’s Lena Dunham’s show, right? So, in that case, we’ll never get an episode totally without Lena Dunham. It’s kind of sad that so far we haven’t really gotten a totally Hannah-less episode, but as long as she acts as a foil for Adam, then I guess we’re stuck with her, right? Besides a great Zadie Smith shoutout and a guest appearance by Jon Hamm’s IRL wife, the funeral sequence just shows how far she’s willing to take Hannah’s character, but the audience kind of already knows how despicable she is. However, when she decides to mediate Adam and Caroline’s broken relationship, then get fucked over by the book deal she signed, and flip out on Caroline for being condescending; there’s a slight sense of enjoyment to it. If this is the great swerve, that Hannah is SUPPOSED to be disliked, then kudos Dunham, you’re winning. However, if you’re just keeping Hannah around to keep Adam on the show, then maybe you need to reevaluate everything. I do have to give props to Adam’s sister Caroline though for the ‘golden egg out of your mother’s pussy’ reference. That was GOLD. (Get it?!!)


In Which Jessa & Shoshanna Search For Something Or Other

When Shoshanna flips out on Jessa for doing absolutely nothing with her life, it seems like the writers knew how the audience was reacting towards the character. So what do they do? They decide to get her a job. We don’t really know what kind of job it is yet, but I guess that’s the intrigue of next episodes, right? Maybe Jessa’s the slow burn payoff for us all. Probably not.

In Which Marnie & Ray Bang. Yeah. That Happens. And It’s Surprisingly Cute.

It’s weird. Here I am thinking that Shoshanna and Ray are the amazing true love couple that HBO were going to give us, but now: ARE MARNIE AND RAY PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER OR WHAT? Or maybe I just have my hopes to high. IRL, if something like that happened, it would happen and you would never speak of it again. But it seems like Ray’s looking for a rebound and Marnie’s looking for someone to call her out on her shit. I can see something casually happening with them for awhile, but ending naturally. Yeah. That’s what I’m going with.

Either way, this was a well balanced episode that I wish had a little less Hannah and more everyone else. While Hannah does have the most complex story lines in terms of her obviously upcoming legal battle loss, writing a new book, finding a job and Adam fuck-ups; everyone else has just enough genuineness going on to keep us coming back for more. I guess that’s a good thing. Next week’s the midway mark of the season, and Girls can either stay the same, get better or get worse.

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