American Apparel's Newest Underwear Model is 62 & Other Links to Read in Bed

Jacky O’Shaughnessy, 62, is American Apparel’s latest underwear model. For a company who’s last stunt was to introduce window mannequins with highly visible pubic hair, the fact that their newest half-dressed team member is past the brand’s prime demographic is hardly startling. Let me say that if I look this good at 62, I too shall become an underwear model.
The photos that are currently hitting the internet show O’Shaughnessy in a bandeau and some high-waited briefs and they’re estimated to have been from a 2012 shoot.


I want everyone to try this 5 minute meditation today. It will change your whole frame of mind, and it’s exactly what we all need.
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Some guy was so glad the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, he ran through the stadium parking lot with his pants down and his junk out. On live TV. Because why not.
New details emerge on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s tragic death.
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