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Land A Hot Date By Valentine’s Day: Here’s How!


valentine's day

As if the dating world wasn’t complicated enough with Twitter, a slew of online dating websites, Instagram, and all the wonders technology has to offer. I now introduce to you apps for dating. That’s right – between your Angry Birds and period tracker app, your potential love life awaits you via iPhone app. Instead of having to secure yourself a Valentine’s Day date from the confines of your home computer or – God forbid – by asking someone on a date in person, you can make dinner plans on the go. You can grab a seat on the subway while simultaneously grabbing a date on an app and reservations for dinner on another app.

Ain’t technology beautiful? It gives you virtually (ha-aren’t puns fun?) no excuse to be dateless on Valentine’s Day. So, grab your smart phone and check out these dating apps. Go on- your future love life awaits you. Get to typing away on your phone’s tiny keyboard. I’ll start you off: “I like long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, and a gosh darn date for Valentine’s Day.” Happy dating!

[Lead image via Bevan Goldswain/Shutterstock]

    Love child.