10 People That Prove Russia is Home To The Best Street Style Ever

When someone says ‘Russia’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Vodka? Cold weather? Fur hats? What about fashion? Thanks to gorgeous runway shows and some recent editorials, Russian fashion is slowly but surely making a name for itself, with stunning outerwear, impeccable detailing, and on-point accessories its trademark. But it’s not so much the designers that are having an impact of Russia’s new style credentials, but the journalists, bloggers, and photographers who attend the shows. Street style icon Miroslava Duma practically has a cult following, with every Instagram photo flooded with comments and likes, encouraging everyone to take a closer look at what Russia has to offer, style-wise.
It’s been a long time coming. Russian women have a reputation of going all out, with every day providing an occasion to dress up. Their attention to detail, intolerance for sweatpants and Uggs, and ability to layer while battling the cold, combine to form what is essentially the superhero of street style inspiration. Every outfit is aspirational, showing a genuine passion for putting an outfit together. When it’s unacceptable to dress down, fashion becomes fun; a challenge. After looking at photos of Russian street style, you’ll want to wear bright colors, and thought-out outfits, rather than just throwing on clothes. Click through our gallery below, and enjoy playing dress-up again.

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