6 REAL Ways to Meet Guys in College

Ladies, you should never attend college for an MRS degree. Obtaining a man is not the objective of college. Focusing your aspirations and furthering your education should be your main goal. That being said, college has an entire social culture unlike anywhere else. It’s likely that there will be no other time in your life where you’re surrounded by so many smart, attractive, and interesting people from all walks of the earth in one place. So, amidst hardcore studying and catching up on some much needed sleep, why not get in on some of the action? Why not find a Prince Charming or two along the way? Instead of anxiously hanging around campus, hoping to meet a cute guy, try some of these tactics that’ll make dating in college seem a little less hopeless: 1. Choose a kickback over a party. Yes, a kickback. Not a full-blown party. Everything is so hot and heavy at parties. You always seem to find yourself up-close and personal with some drunken jerk from your math class who smells like peach ciroc and cheese pizza. If you’re in the mood for a more relaxed setting, opt out of the usual loud and impersonal party, and check out a kickback at a friend’s house. The level of noise and number of people at a kickback is substantially lower than at a party. You can talk to the cute guy on the couch without yelling over obnoxious music and worrying about being sat out by some poor drunk soul who can’t stand up to save their life. The cute guy on the couch is also often a friend of the friend throwing the kickback. If you don’t get a chance to exchange numbers, you have a friend who can hook you up. No longer will you wonder aimlessly around a loud, sloppy party, looking for the cute guy that could actually hold an intelligent conversation with you. 2. Join clubs that interest you. Don’t join the Frisbee club because you heard all the cute guys play Frisbee. Join the Frisbee club because you love Frisbee and want to play with a bunch of people who love it as much as you do. Join clubs that will benefit you and make you happy. It’s far more genuine and you’re much more likely to meet a guy who shares some of your interests and aspirations than you are if you join a club for the sake of meeting a guy. 3. Join a study group. Honestly, cute guys or no cute guys, study groups are great. If you’re struggling with a class, consider joining one. That being said, if there’s a guy you’ve been dying to talk to in a class you’re struggling with, study groups can kill two birds with one stone. You can get the help you need in a class, while getting to know some of your classmates, including the guy you’ve been dying to talk to. Get the GroupMe app and set up times to get together for studying. You get to enjoy the company of your classmates and the guy you’re interested in, all in the name of acing the next test. Sounds good to me. 4. Check out school functions. I know, sometimes school events can seem like a load of crap. They can seem corny and overdone. But don’t let your cynicism stop you from checking it out and potentially really enjoying yourself. Grab a few of your girls and check out the DJ competition or to your state club’s mixer. Check out the date auction or a club-sponsored carnival. You might come across a guy you wouldn’t normally cross paths with. And even if you don’t meet a guy, you’re with your girls. Turn the potentially boring function into a lot of fun by making the best of it. When in doubt, dance it out with your girls. 5. Make your own event. It’s a Saturday night, you’re with your friends, and nothing seems to be going on. Head down to the lounge, invite some more friends, and just relax, laugh, and talk. I can’t tell you how many surprisingly fun nights have come from just gathering a nice group of people down to the lounge and hanging out. Friends and friends of friends passing by your group on their way back to their rooms can stop by and chat for a while, or sit down and hangout. You might meet a cute friend-of-a-friend who’s passing through on his way to the elevator. Invite him to join you! The setting is relaxed, fun, and easy. It requires no money, no fancy dress or heels, and no traveling. 6. Most importantly, do you. If you haven’t notice, all of these suggested tactics don’t require a major change in your daily routine. That’s the wonderful thing about college; you don’t have to drag yourself to a crappy bar or get set up on a blind date to meet new people. You can mill about, enjoying yourself and your friends, and meet someone interesting. If you focus on doing things and going to places you enjoy, you’re much more genuine and approachable. Relax; don’t rush meeting anyone. Just have fun with it and see who comes your way. [Lead image via Jakub Zak/Shutterstock]