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Professor Lives In Dumpster To Show Students Cheap Living Is Possible



A Huston-Tillotson University professor is living in a dumpster on campus for one year to prove that students can live with less. Yes, we can but here in America if we have the option to not get laid in a dumpster we will take that option. Furthermore, I sincerely doubt that this professor has to pay dumpster rent or at least market price for dumpster rent so already this he can STFU but I digress . . .

Dr. Jeff Wilson, a Harvard-educated environmental science teacher, is trying to prove to students that if they live with less they can significantly reduce their negative impact on the environment. I am from NYC, I am all about the small compact space and minimalism but why a dumpster, whhhhy? Also, I wouldn’t trust any home that I personally built.

However, the dumpster will include a shower, kitchen, bed, WiFi and toilet. How is this any different than living in a dormitory besides a lot more personal space and no annoying roommates? In a place like Texas where the weather skews toward hot it’s a lot easier to do this as opposed to somewhere that is cold, windy, snowy or rainy all the time.

The noble professor sold all of his personal items for $1 each, I am assuming he kept his Macbook Pro. While I think living a more minimalistic lifestyle is a lesson we could all learn, considering the cost of living is going up, environmental damage is going up and there are just so many things we have and don’t need, it is unclear to me what Dr. Wilson is actually trying to prove. That tiny spaces reduce your carbon footprint? That material possessions are meaningless but we all need wifi? That living on campus is an easier commute?

Anyway what do you think? Are you feeling this Oscar the Grouch type living situation?

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