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This is How Online Dating is Ruining Everything


online dating

I always imagined that when I met my future husband, we would meet completely organically. Picture some meet-cute in a RomCom where we bump into each other and just know and the rest is history. Sure, this still happens. And sure, the idea of this magical meeting was improbable even before online dating. But the popularity and normalcy of Match/Tinder/OkC is pulling this little dream of mine further and further away from reality.

Here are a few reasons online dating is ruining everything.

1. Everyone Already Has a Date. Think about it this way—you’re a dude. You can find a million desperate, hot chicks online to ask out. If they reject you, there’s nothing more than an ignored email, and you never have to really face rejection. Or, you can ask out that cute girl you always see at Whole Foods or at the gym, and face a burning rejection and have to see them all the time. Which route would you choose? I mean, really.

2. It’s So Much Harder to Meet People. For the reasons above, it just gets harder to meet people naturally. People don’t really need to do it because there are all these easier paths you can take online.

3. It’s Mostly Creepy. The amount of creepy messages that I have received on dating sites could fill this entire blog. People propositioning me for sex, inviting me to be in their open marriage, assuming I was going to reject them anyways so being super rude. And I know I’m not alone. Out of 50 messages, maybe 4 are worth responding to. That’s not an exaggeration. At the end of the day, is it even worth it?

4. It’s Expensive. This shit ain’t free! Can’t I just meet people, nice people, totally for free and without excess harassment? Do I really need to also pay $30 a month to get yelled at by randos on the internet? I’ll just buy some wine, instead.

5. It Feels So Desperate. I still feel so pathetic for being on dating sites at the young age of 24, despite the commonality of it these days. Even though I know it’s just a convenient way to meet people, part of me still feels like by dating online, I’m desperately looking for a husband or an instant boyfriend. Even if I just want a Friday night date to a movie.

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