GIRLS Recap: Season 3, Episode 6 ‘Free Snacks’ [A Bro’s Thoughts]


Hannah somehow pulled a real job out of her ass that she should be grateful for, but instead remains insufferable. If this is the greatest swerve of all time by Lena Dunham where she wants the audience to hate the lead character but love everyone else, then Girls Season 3 just might be the best written show on HBO right now. However, waiting for a payoff is asking a bit much.

In Which Hannah Starts Working at GQ Of All Places But Remains Frickin’ Hannah

I was talking to CC editor Alex a few weeks ago about a celebrity we both kind of have a mutual interest in, and she responded with the simple statement: ‘She’s a twat.’ The reason I bring that up is because once again, that is the only way I can even fathom or describe Hannah’s actions in this episode. She’s the girl who has an attitude about her new job, but then tries too hard in the team meeting, and then all of a sudden decides she’s too good for the job after a few days of real work. It was good to see a black person on the show, as well as a decent boss ribbing (in an amazing guest spot by J. Crew person Jenna Lyons, who Alex also educated me on a few weeks ago) on Hannah for not being mature. It reminded me slightly of The Office as well, and how much I miss that show. Hannah’s got a work-husband too it seems, which for everyone who happens to think Adam is the greatest will be even more enraged by Hannah than usual. The ending of the episode shows all is not well in Adam & Hannah’s world due to her job, and hopefully their eventual breakup with add something to Hannah’s characterization that will make her interesting again.


In Which Ray Decides To Make An Attempt With Marnie But It’s Marnie

After doin’ it last week, Ray seems to legitimately like Marnie. Or well, at least try to be nice to her since his penis was inside her. He makes the commitment to a Real Housewives binge for her, which pretty much states that you want to put your penis in her again. The reason I’m putting this in such vulgar terms is mostly because the writers want you to think that Ray courting Marnie is super cute, but in all reality, they’re just fucking. Seriously. That’s all it is. They’re not even in the honeymoon-ish phase because deep down, they don’t even like each other. It results in a blowup while they’re at lunch, but you know they’re gonna fuck again, which will eventually result in disaster. (Which will also be fun for us to watch.)

In Which Shoshanna Begins To Stalk Ray And Makes Bad Relationship Decisions, But It’s Still Adorable

Shoshanna’s going through the senior year college life crisis. You’re close to the real world and you don’t wanna deal with it, so you make a bunch of self-destructive choices. In my case, that ended up in pregnancy scares, boyfriends coming after me, an arrest and definitely some nights where i fell asleep in a stairwell. In Shoshanna’s case, it’s sleeping with someone stupid, confiding in Jessa of all people, and stalking Ray ALL WHILE REMAINING ADORABLE. I mean of course she tries to have a relationship conversation while taking it from behind and somehow being incredibly sexy and cute at the same time. I don’t know what it is, but Shoshanna is the best character on the show and incredibly under-used. I hate it.

Other than that, Adam got a callback and might get a real acting gig, which is awesome because we all want him to escape the death trap that is Hannah Horvath. Jessa seems to be acclimating well to her new gig at a children’s clothes store, and an appropriate amount of plot development has happened to keep us coming back next week for more Girls. Damn it. I really want to hate this season so far, but I just don’t.

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