Cosmic Candy: February 10th – 16th

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!
Aries & Aries Rising
There are, of course, one billion and one (at least) differences between you and next the Aries likely butting heads with you. Add to that the fact that as my colleague Nick Dagan Best said to me in a recent reading that we are not our chart. Wait, what?! Yeah, that’s right, you are not those planets out there in the cosmos. Nor are you (I believe) doomed to any one way of acting and interacting because of said planets. Nor are you allowed to blame or excuse yourself because you are say an Aries sun conjunct Mars, Saturn and Pluto (Although, Goddess help you if you are! Just kidding! Kind of…).
So what the funk are we doing here writing and reading horoscopes? Well, I am coming to believe that somehow, although no one has any idea how, the entire cosmos acts as a reflective surface and however we choose to interpret said reflection becomes something akin to astrology. I’m an astrologer because astrology works for me and my clients. It’s not some esoteric concept floating out in the stratosphere (though, in all fairness, it certainly can be). It’s a tool that we can use to live our lives in a more honest and sincere way.
Friday’s full moon is happening in your Fifth House of Love, Leo style, which means that you are a puritan at heart. To an Aries love is, at the very least, a passionate affair. However I know many an Aries and I also know that none of you are in the same place in life. For some of you this moon will be shared with a lover, lounging about laughing in luxurious love nest. But for others this will be a much deeper soul searching and understanding of how you would like to engage with this energy that could simply be described as creativity. Choose a lover, any lover that interests you, and romance it with all you’ve got.
Taurus & Taurus Rising
There is an obvious and natural pull towards your work in the world (that is most likely, thank you to Mercury retrograde, filled with rewrites, edits, rewordings and revisits). This Friday’s full moon, however, is pulling you inward. By the looks of it, it won’t be possible for many of you to spend the day relaxing at home with a pot of stew and a warm cozy fire unless you are one of the many actually snowed in. Though, on a deeper level this moon isn’t really about that at all.
What it seems to be about is the ways in which you are working with others and if, in some capacity or another, you tend to lose your footing in said circumstances. Is your loyalty to others getting in the way of your honesty and therefore negatively impacting your work in the world? Is your, um, honesty getting in the way of your relationships and affecting your career? Are you too tethered to curtain relationships that eat up all your time and prevent you from getting down to what really has meaning for you? One thing that a full moon in our forth house is bound to rally into consciousness is what has deeper meaning for you. What lies underneath all of the action and accolades, under the awards and the criticisms, under the ambition and the striving? When we find that we are freed from the desire for any curtain outcome and what starts to take the lead is a deeply heartfelt driving force.
Gemini & Gemini Rising
I’ve been having these troubling yet very intriguing reoccurring dreams lately that are taunting, disarming, perplexing and rousing. Basically a character or a voice will show me the movements of the planets. Then it will ask me snarkily if I really believe that these motions somehow govern the activities of our lives, as if I don’t get enough side-eye from regular folk that ask me what I do for a living (thanks, astral beings). I generally wake up with my conscious mind reeling, wondering how I could have fallen for such a hoax that is astrology! Then I piece myself and my world order back together allowing the doubt, uncertainty and mistrust rouse my curiosity about what the dreams could actually be pointing to.
In my experience dreams work on multiple levels. The straight up meaning of a dream is rarely the meat of it. Perhaps I need to shift my perception about astrology. Perhaps I am looking at it too head on sometimes. Perhaps there are other subtle factors that I am missing. The question that is most interesting to me that arises out of this discussion (that is mostly in my head) is how am I using this tool? Is it giving me and my clients more awareness, understanding and clarity? Am I making meaning out of the wrong thing and if so what are the consequences.
I share all of this with you, Gemini, because you are at a similar phase in your development. I think that allowing yourself the freedom to question the repercussions of your beliefs are essential. If we are afraid of knowing the truth about what we spend our days doing then we can’t ever really master our craft. If we are afraid of being wrong how can we ever really know the truth about our lives? If we are afraid of being wrong then we can never experience what it can feel like to hit the mark. If what we believe in is too precious for dissection then we aren’t really honoring the power, complexity and beauty of it.
Cancer & Cancer Rising
That thing where you’ve been single for so long that when you listen to love songs you generally have no idea what they are talking about. I mean there are long ago and distant memories I can access if I try really hard, but I literally have no recollection of what it could mean to hang that much meaning on someone else (save a child). Perhaps that is a sign of my well-being in contrast to an intensely sick culture that feasts on bad porn and even worse romantic comedies. Maybe I’m just becoming ever increasingly a grumpy old hermit crab.
I will say that I’ve let many of the expectations that I had of others go and therefore my desire gets channeled other places; such as into my work and my relationship with you. As I get older there is something exceedingly sexy about being practical and making sure that what I am doing on the daily is feeding the entirety. To own one’s own life, one’s work, one’s dreams hold the key to having self respect and happiness. I don’t think is at all in contrast to healthy partnership, in fact I would go so far as to say it’s the basis of it.
Friday’s full moon graces your Second House of ownership. The thing with ownership is that taking it also means that we take compliments and criticisms. Ownership of our creativity means that we go down with the ship if it sinks. We get to come up for air and try it all again. Ownership takes a steely resolve to be professional, joyfully flawed and that we are willing to rock a risk regularly.
Leo & Leo Rising
Of course the real take away from the passing of the late and great actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, is that it really, really, really doesn’t matter how many people love you. There is only one person’s love, affection and applause you really need and it is, of course, your own. Now that isn’t to send you off into some narcissistic abyss, falling into your reflection and drowning, this is far from that. Friday’s full moon in Leo is ripe with familial ties to needing acceptance and caring all too much what your so-in-so thinks of you and your such-in-such.
Do it (whatever it is) to please yourself, impress no one but you. Be so uncharacteristically cool that you are far more interesting to yourself than anyone else could be. Again that statement walks a fine line between boundary and self-absorption so tread this ground with great awareness. You can’t afford to be obsessed with pleasing what you think your parents wanted from you or will love if only you can become that. Many of us believe that we’ve battled these childhood demands and demons. Yet the subtler ways in which they operate in us can be more corrosive than the outright and in your face ones. At any rate, it’s all eyes on you this week. Make sure you look as cute as you want to and enjoy it regardless of whoever else does.
Virgo & Virgo Rising
For anyone at all in touch with their physical body, it’s easy to understand the importance of feeling good in it. However many, many too many of us don’t have the luxury or the ability to be so somatically synced. Which is what makes practices such as yoga, (traditional) dance and even singing (praying) so powerful it connects us immediately to some part of our body wisdom. Diet is obviously, and for many grey and not-so-super reasons, a hot topic. Far be it from me to judge anyone on how they eat or what their relationship to food may be, but I will say that a tweak here and there to your diet could be enough to change your life right now.
Consider removing one or many things such as gluten, dairy, refined sugars and too much caffeine. I mention this because as Mercury, your ruling planet backs up into your Sixth House of Health for the rest of this month. It’s a really powerful time for your to reset some health habits. This Friday’s full moon is occurring in your Twelfth House of Back Room Bandits and Grandiose Ghosts but also of Conscious Connection and Powerful Prayers. The Twelfth House is an ethereal domain that can help us understand our spiritual longing. The Twelfth House can also trip us up in the graveyards of our pasts. What I suggest is to work on the grounded elements of caring for your body so that your spiritual connection can be clearer.
Libra & Libra Rising
Forgive me, Libra, if I have been less than clear about your astrology lately. I have forgotten to tell you that this may very well be an intensely uncomfortable time. I am very grateful to all of my Libra clients this week as you all taught me a valuable lesson about what Mars traveling through your sign could mean for you. You see, Libra, you may be all about “keeping the peace” and compromising in order to please others. One of the main functions of Libra is to be one half of a whole. That is not to say that you are incomplete if you are single, far from it, but it is to say that the whole world or whatever is happening outside of you is your partner.
Libra looks to be the balancing point to whatever is occurring. If the situation it finds itself in is too saccharine, Libra can be tough as nails (while still looking cute, of course). Along with this, all signs are merely one half of an equation. Each opposing sign, in your case Aries, hold some very important key for us and us for them. An Aries is a passionate, independent, fierce, fighter of a warrior. It strives for independence and finds ways to lead in all circumstances. Libra values partnership, peace, balance and harmony. With Mars, the planet that rules Aries, in your sign for eight months you are getting a taste of the opposite that you need to integrate.
Every Libra gets to try on what it is to be an Aries in a sense. This means that you get to play around with being Boss Bitch (“bitch”, btw, is a term of endearment to me) and – hear me when I say this – not feel guilty about it. This is time for you to learn about boundary and how to dedicate yourself to the things that help your create better ones. This Friday’s full moon in Leo, yes on Valentine’s Day is happening in your 11th house of friends but this luscious Leo moon is not untethered. It comes with a free Square from Saturn- just kidding, Saturn’s never free. This is a weighty moon, it wants responsible self-expression when you are dealing with all those folks you want to love and to be loved by in return, so show up. Show up in real time with your bruises and your bones, your boundaries and your borders. See if you can love you for those very things instead of thinking your need everyone else to love you for being lovable.
Scorpio & Scorpio Rising
The first sentence that I heard when I looked at your chart was, “If you can get that your job right now is to be steadying yourself in practice, duty, work and being rigorously righteous at the tasks at hand,” then everything else will flow freely. This Friday’s full moon is taking place in your Tenth House of Life Path and Higher Calling. This may bring career issues up for you to contemplate, what I am also hoping is that the full moon can be some sort of light for you to go by. Full moons are the brightest nights we have (unless you’re in Vegas). Therefore the event is thought to bring something into consciousness. It’s also when the moon is, of course, in direct opposition to the sun.
When we stand next to someone, shoulder to shoulder, we can feel them, intuit what they are feeling, thinking and possibly doing (making up all kinds of fantasies and projections along the way). It isn’t until we turn and look directly at them that we have any kind of perspective. The full moon is like this, the light of the sun is illuminating a certain part of our charts and the moon wanders out in front of it to reflect the opposite side of our charts which is of course our lives. The sun is currently traveling through your Fourth House of home, family and connection to the past while the moon is brightly beaming lunar coolness in the public sphere of your life. This could bring an event about, a project to fruition or a problem to light. The full moon is tethered by a square to Saturn in your First House of Self, Body and Identity, meaning that your responsibility is to yourself first. It’s amazing to me when I hear myself and my clients go on and on about the plans we will make in order to make sure our life works the way we think it should. The only thing that we ever really need to do is make sure that we have straightened up our internal life so that when the events, circumstances and opportunities present themselves we can be fully present to them.
Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
The problem doesn’t lie in our art form, our craft or our science. The problem only lies in our interpretation of the data that we collect from these practices. There is a delicate balance that you are striking this week between what you know and what you make that mean. I catch myself remembering really innocent moments in my life like moving to The City from a small town and being so enamored by the movement of it all; the fabulous fashion, the creative cravings and the confluence of cultures (Toronto has the worst weather while being one of the most fascinatingly diverse cities in the world). I remember those beginning days with so much fondness because I had no idea what it all meant or how I fit in, what it would make of me and I it.
As we get older, we are often tempted to “know.” So I wonder, Sagittarius, if there isn’t a way for you to suspend what you think you are sure of and let this Friday’s full moon carry you into a blissful beginners mind. There may be ways in which you are tempted to fall for something more concrete or see another level of how your unconscious beliefs are showing up as facts. You may use those “facts” to encourage you to collect more data to prove them right. It’s a game we have to play with our egos our whole life through perhaps, but for sure it’s the only game in town. You are still deep in the throes of casting off the hidden and hurtful aspects of the psyche preparing for your next big life cycle, which will begin this fall. This week is one of those times where you may get a peak as to what next layer is ready to roll off. Like a kick in the psychic gut, it’s an event that rouses our deeper knowing. The full moon is in your house of travel and falling in love with far off foreign places. If you can get out of town, just remember that Mercury is very retrograde and little things like trips can turn into a different kind of treat than you thought.
Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
I hate to be a broken record, darlin’. I can’t imagine that you aren’t still sorting out the pieces of the Venus retrograde/stationing direct right next to Pluto of last week and the past few weeks. Talk about an identity crisis/reveal/unveiling. This week allows you to continue putting the pieces of the puzzle together getting a better understanding of what actually went down. Here’s what that could mean for you especially in terms of how you communicate with others, how they may perceive you and how that may be affecting you.
This week’s full moon in Leo on Valentine’s Day is happening in your 8th house of all the things that you need to say goodbye to. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to say good-bye to any one person. I would encourage an old fashion goodbye to all your expectations of the people that you may be partnering with. How can you get lighter this full moon? Quite often something comes to a close all on its own at these times anyways. Said another way, what can you let come to fruition and then let naturally, effortlessly compost?
Aquarius & Aquarius Rising
She stood in the wide field of her day, narrowed only by all the things done and the seemingly insurmountable pile of things still left to do, yet she could not look away. She knew that her freedom lay somewhere at the bottom of that pile. That to turn away from it would be to turn away from what gave her life meaning and so she began. She began the work that would carry her deep into dusk and rouse her far before daybreak. She had learned to work with willingness, and she knew that it made all the difference. It made all the difference because she no longer felt resentment or resignation, but a sweet surrender into a knowing of her purpose. She had learned to harness her energy in the past couple of years and it had done her more good than all of her antics put together. This calm, steady, sturdy sense of duty she had towards her life was something to suit up for everyday.
Even buried as she was, some days under a monument of unaccomplished dreams and desires she felt more at ease and more assured of herself than she had in years. She knew that perhaps her relationship(s) were suffering, that a sweetie was feeling a little left out or in the cold. So she made an extra effort on Valentine’s Day to make sure that they were taken care of, even though she absolutely detested the contrived, capitalistic manipulation filled roses of lies that was the holiday. I mean St. Francis drove out the snakes from Ireland. THE SNAKES, PEOPLE (aka THE GODDESS), why would any self-loving woman, man, child or being celebrate that?
Well, she thought, “I won’t. I will celebrate the Leo full moon which just so happens to fall on the same day.” She liked this because she knew that the lustrous Leo full moon was to bloom in her Seventh House of partnership. She was a person who knew enough to go with the energy of the moments. She was a wise witch who could read said signs and respond accordingly. Even though she had work bearing down on her, she made sure she had time to celebrate the partnerships that made her rose bloom.
Pisces & Pisces Rising
I’ve dedicated (mostly) the end of my week to celebrating Shabbat. This is nothing that isn’t completely hard won for me, taking time off of Facebook, email and the phone is tremendously difficult for any middle-class person who’s fully engaged in making her business work. It’s a luxury to be addicted to my cell phone; it speaks volumes to my privilege and to what my privilege makes of me. All that to say, it’s a true test for me come every Friday evening. Can I really stop working for 24 hours (not always), can I really stay off the phone (hardly ever for a full 24), can I let go of social media (yes, for sure, though it can cause some anxiety if I’m going to be honest)?
But I need a routine, a ritual that connects me back into community, into my heart and into my understanding of a Divine energy. Not to mention the fact that I am an anxious wreck come most frazzled Fridays. There is supposed to be a great undoing every Shabbat, a loosening of the corsets that contain our week. It’s a time to release what was and make space for the Infinite, the Unknown and celebrate the blessing of being alive in community and in connection to all life everywhere. And let me tell you, it’s a relief, if you are anything like me you need a sturdy structure in order to let go. If you are nothing like me, then you are able to do this all on your own. Either way it doesn’t matter how you get to rituals that work for you it just matters that you get to them.
Friday’s full moon is asking you what rituals warm your heart. Which ones excite your spirit and which leave you feeling like you just had the time of your life? If you have none that do this for you then you know what your homework is this week. Most of us need a consistent reminder that we have each other. We need the reminder that we are OK just as we are and that no matter what struggle, what burden, what demons we deal with we are not alone.
For more information please visit Chani’s personal blog, UntilTheStarsFallFromTheSky, or for personal astrology readings please contact Chani directly at chani [at]

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