Federal Government To Recognize Same-Sex Marriage In Every State

The federal government will recognize same-sex marriage “to the greatest extent possible under the law,” meaning same-sex couples receive the same benefits as opposite-sex couples in regards to federal legal matters, including bankruptcies, prison visits and survivor benefits. These rights will include the 34 states where same-sex marriage is illegal. So you have to get married in a state where it is legal but that marriage will be recognized in every state even in ones where you can’t get married. This is a huge leap forward in LGBTQ rights. Think of all the same-sex couples who couldn’t provide benefits to their spouses, think of those in the hospital who cannot legally see a sick or injured partner, think of those who cannot even provide health insurance to their significant other and family because people don’t believe their love “real.”  “This means that, in every courthouse, in every proceeding, and in every place where a member of the Department of Justice stands on behalf of the United States — they will strive to ensure that same-sex marriages receive the same privileges, protections and rights as opposite-sex marriages under federal law,”Attorney General Eric Holder said of his initiative. This is a huge deal! I mean just think of all the couples that will now be nationally recognized as legit. Like who is pretending that Portia and Ellen aren’t real. 

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Maybe this new legislation doesn’t affect you in any direct way but it definitely affects someone you know in a big way. It may even affect one of your future kids someday. So celebrate.