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This Is Why You’re Only Dating Sh*tty Guys


shitty guys

If you’re an obsessive fan of Sex and the City, like me, you’ll probably remember the scene where Carrie goes off to therapy after her friends talk her into it. Remember when her therapist tells her maybe her choice in men is the biggest (excuse the pun) problem she faces when dating? That scene definitely resonated with me.

Maybe we cherish the people we think we deserve and mistreat the people we think we don’t. If you think you deserve an asshole, maybe that’s all you’ll settle for and, God forbid, a nice guy comes knocking at your door. So many of us think we have to slam the door on his face just to ensure he doesn’t see how imperfect we feel.

So ladies, stop pushing away the good guys away for just a few minutes, and check out a woman’s perspective and solution to settling for the bad guys.

[Lead image via Everett Collection/Shutterstock]

Love child.