Tulane's Entire Greek System Put On Probation For Hardy Partying

Tulane’s entire Greek system, meaning all frats and sororities, have been put on social probation for partying too hard. At Tulane after the sororitys’ Big Day, the official start of Greek life begins with a “Sunday Serenade” event where each of the 12 fraternities serenade members of the university’s 8 sororities. According to Total Sorority Move, “Frats welcome the new sorority pledge classes by getting their new pledges blackout by 10 in the morning and forcing them to “serenade” the new babies. Aka blast over played 90s classics on portable speaker systems and sway along, only managing to scream along to few lines they actually do know from the chorus. Meanwhile the new sorority babies, equally as day drunk, are screaming, grinding, and stripping any poor obliterated frat boy in front of them. Each of the 12 frats come to the each of the 8 sororities, all to be met with squeals and sexual harassment. Basically it’s the best day of the year.” This time around frat members stripped down causing “excessive male nudity.” It sounds like a drunken hot mess but nothing non-unique, right? Well, Director of Fraternity and Sorority Programs Liz Schafer and Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Programs Julia Hankins has put all of Tulane’s Greek life on social probation until Mardi Gras. It doesn’t sound like anyone got hurt? Maybe there was some underage drinking? Hmmm. That’s a bummer.

[Via. Total Sorority Move]